My Positions on the Issues

We are lucky enough in local government to be able to focus on a narrower scope of issues that affect our day-to-day lives more than the flashier national-level political issues.  These local municipal issues transcend party lines and allow local officials to solve problems in a non-partisan manner.

Nashua's downtown area should be accessible to everyone.  That means improvements to downtown roadways, improved parking solutions, and adequate lighting to improve downtown's walkability.  Outside of downtown, I will make sure that the roads and sidewalks in every ward get the attention they need.​​​​​​​

Nashua's Public School system is one of the best in the state.  I will support policies that keep our schools as vibrant and well-performing as possible.  Not only do high-quality schools help us prepare the next generation of Nashua citizens, they also ensure Nashua is an attractive place to raise a family which keeps your property values high, protecting your investment.

I believe in a responsible approach to spending.  There will always be projects that need funding, but the key is to spend responsibly.  Projects have to be weighted, and there will be times when a project might be nice to fund, but if the money isn't there to spend, those projects will have to wait in favor of projects that are more important.
The Spending Cap

The Spending Cap is a very important piece of the City of Nashua Charter.  The spending cap is tied to the Gross Domestic Product Implicit Price Deflator Index published by the Bureau of Economic Analysis and is, therefore, a reasonable standard to adhere to.  Efforts to exceed or override the spending cap will be opposed.​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Affordable Housing

Nashua needs to make sure that it is accessible for everyone.  That means ensuring affordable housing for people of every income bracket.  Developers should be including a percentage of low-income and middle-income units.  In addition, Nashua should be making sure that property taxes stay as low as possible to keep rents from rising in the future.
Public Safety

The Nashua Police Department is consistently ranked among the best police forces in the state and the nation, and that is a testament to the brave men and women who serve as Nashua's law enforcement officers.  Instances of abuse or improper behavior are consistently low or non-existent.  Nashua's Police Department will be commended and supported, and efforts to defund and/or abolish the police will be opposed.
Transparency of Government

The City of Nashua government works for the People of Nashua.  The citizens' best interests should always be at the heart of every decision made by the Board of Alderman.  That means all citizens, not just one group or another.  The government should also be able to answer to the people and be open and transparent.  I will work to ensure that all citizens' rights are protected at City Hall.
Attract Business

Nashua is the Gate City and is the bridge between Massachusetts and New Hampshire, but too many New Hampshire residents have no choice but to commute south of our border to find gainful employment, and that means higher costs for those employees and lost wages stolen to Massachusetts state income tax.  Nashua needs business-friendly policies and climate in order to attract good, high-paying jobs for the residents of our city and our state.​​​​​​  
Limited and Lean Governing

Local government should be lean and its scope is to be limited.  The city government should be unobtrusive enough that the average member of the public's day-to-day life is not affected.  Local government's role is to provide the essential services the public needs to survive and then stay out of the way and let people live their lives without needless interference.
City Contracts

I believe in the excellent work that our public sector workers do every day.  Our Police Officers, Fire Firefighters, Teachers, Para-Professionals, Public Works Employees, Sanitation Workers, and many, many others do the important jobs every day to ensure that every Nashua resident enjoys a high quality of life.  I support making sure that all public employees are paid fairly and responsibly.​​​​
If this sounds like a platform you can support, please consider a financial contribution or displaying a yard sign to show your support and spread the word about my candidacy.