My name is Alex Comeau and I am your Alderman.

I have lived in Nashua for almost half of my life.  I've spent the last fifteen years as a single parent, raising two beautiful children.  I've tried to teach them about things like responsibility, commitment, leadership, and courage.  My oldest is now a sophomore in college where she is a prestigious Summit Scholar, and my youngest is a junior at Nashua High School South where he is on his way to becoming a 12-season athlete.
I spent several years working manufacturing and assembly jobs until I was able to go back to school and work towards getting my degree in mechanical design and have spent the last eight years as a designer for a local company.  Those roles and experiences have taught me the value of hard work, personal responsibility, problem-solving, and dedication to a goal.
Over the past ten years, I have also had considerable community involvement as a youth baseball and softball coach, as well as serving many years on the Board of Directors for Greater Nashua Little League, including time as President, and on the Executive Council of the Greater Nashua Men's Evangelical Softball League, where I am currently in my third year as President.  I've developed a reputation as a fair but firm problem solver, willing to put in the effort to meet any challenge.
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